Eggleston's Karate Studio

Head Instructor, Mike Eggleston, Renshi

6th Degree Black Belt

Enter the door of any EKS dojo and you can feel the spirit of karate-do moving within it’s wall. Commands of of “Mo-ichi do” and “Hajime “ echo throughout the main lobby. Explosive shouts of “Ki-ai” (pronounced kee-ah) vibrate in the air. You have entered the domain of Mike Eggleston, Renshi.

Mike Eggleston, Renshi began his martial arts training at the age of 14 in Farmville, Virginia. Renshi Eggleston has received many titles over the last 34 years. Having over 300 1st place tournament wins and being a 51 time Grand Champion. He is also noted for being a 10 time AAU National Champion and winning the 2001 World Grand Championship in Atlanta Georgia.

A man of great wisdom, strength, and integrity, Renshi Eggleston welcomes students of all backgrounds, ages, races, colors, religions, and both sexes. His emphasis on health, safety, and fitness along with his knowledge of techniques and instruction combine to build a traditional martial arts studio which promotes a truly beneficial way of life. Renshi Eggleston has received many awards and accolades as tribute to his art and his community.

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